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2108 Two Unrecorded species of Proteleas in Teleasinae, an Unrecorded Subfamily from Korea (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)
Author : Choi, J. Y., M. A. Kozlov
Year : 2001
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 31(4): 233-236 ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : Two Proteleas species, P. nefrens Kononova and P. sulcatus Kozlov, are recorded for the first time in Korea. Teleasinae, which includes these two Proteleas wasps, is also a newly - recorded subfamily in Korea.
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2107 Systematic Study of Ants from Chejudo Province
Author : Kim, B.J., K. Kim, & K.H. Lim.
Year : 1993
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 23(3): 117-141. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : Chejudo province is the largest island in Korea, which has Mt. Hanra, 1,950 m. Its weather is quite different from Korea peninsula, because it is located in the southern area and surrounded with sea. And so, it has subtropical, temperate and frigid forest, and diverse fauna of mammalia and some invertebrates. Systematic work of ants in this island had been carried during 1991 and 1992. Examining all the specimen collected from this island, thirty 38 species are confirmed under the steromicroscope, Wild M8. Among them 15 species are newly recorded. Accordingly the ant fauna of Chejudo province is 72 species of 33 genera under 4 subfamilies.
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2106 Studies on flies in Korea, 27. Three unreported spcies of Phaonia (Muscidae) from Korea.
Author : Park, S.H. et al.
Year : 1992
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 22(4): 281-286. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Three species of Phanoia lutevittata, P. saltuosa, P. sagami are new to Korea.
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2105 Hymenopteran parasitoids of the Onion maggot, Delia antiqua (Meigen) (Anthomyiidae, Diptera).
Author : Cho, H.C., T.H. Kim, & J.C. Paik.
Year : 1992
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 22(3): 209-214. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : Five hymenopteran parasitoids of the onion maggot and the seed maggot are reported herein. One Phygadeuon yonedai Kusigemati, one Ttybliographa sp., and one Pachycrepoideus vindemiae (Rondai) are recorded for the first time from Korea.
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2104 A systematic study of the Symphyta (Hymenoptera) in Korea III. A new species of Xyelidae (Xyeloidea).
Author : Ryu, S.M. & J.W. Lee.
Year : 1992
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 22(1): 1-5. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : Genus Xyela is recorded for the first time from Korea and Xyela suwonae n. sp. is fully described and illustrated.
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2103 Classification of the family Pipunculidae from Korea (Diptera) part II. On the genus Eudorytas Aczel from North Korea.
Author : Kozanek, M. & Y.J. Kwon.
Year : 1991
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 21(4): 157-165. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : 6 species of the genus Eudorylas from North Korea are described here. Among them, 5 species are new science.
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2102 Studies on Korean Chironomidae (Diptera) IV. A new species and two unrecorded species from Korea.
Author : Ree, H.I.
Year : 1989
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 19(3): 207-214. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : As part of taxonomic studies on Korean Chironomidae, the adult midges collected at Kwangnung forest and some preseeved specimens of the previous collections were slide-mounted for permanent preparation and identified. Two species, Paratendipes albimanus and Chironomus yoshimatsui are the first findings in Korea and one species, named Rheotanytarsus kwangnungensis n. sp. is found to be new. As a result, the Korean fauna of Chironomidae consists of 39 species, 23 genera.
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2101 Systematic study of Andrenidae from Korea (Hym.; Apoidea) (On the three new species and one new subspecies).
Author : Kim, M.L. & C.H. Kim.
Year : 1989
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 19(3): 199-206. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Twenty-eight species of Andrenidae were reported from Korea by present authors. Three new species Andrena (Andrena) kyusani n. sp., Andrena (Euandrena) plumosa n.sp., Andrena (plastandrena) magnipunctata n. sp. and one new subspecies Andrena (Simandrena) opac(fovea koreana n. subsp. are added to the Korean fauna, which are described and figured this paper. The type series will be deposited and figured in Entomological Instiute of Korean University.
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2100 A systematic study of the Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) from Korea VII. The genus Sphinctus Gravenhorst (Tryphoninae).
Author : Cha, J.Y. & J.W. Lee.
Year : 1989
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 19(1): 41-47. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : The genus Sphinctus of Korea is revised. Four species are recognized. Two additional species, S. nignithoeax, S. submarginalis are newly recorded from Korea. A key to the Korean species of Sphinctus was also given. The list of Korean species of Genus Sphinctus is as follows; Sphinctus tnichiosoma Cameron, Sphinctus chinensis Uchida, Sphinctus submanginalis Uchida, Sphinctus nignithorax Uchida.
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2099 Classification of the Anthomyiidae from Korea (V) (Diptera: Calyptratae).
Author : Suh, S.J. & Y.J. Kwon.
Year : 1986
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 16(2): 157-162. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : This report deals with 10 species belonging to 7 genera of anthomyiid flies from Korea, amon them 3 species are new to science, 1 genus and 7 species are newly recorded from Korean fauna.
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