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2058 Additional notes on the biology of coffee bean Weevil, Araeocerus fasciculatus Deg.
Author : Yokoo, T. & S. Takuchi.
Year : 1938
Journal[VPN]: Bull. Agr. Exp. Stat., Gov. Chosen [ 10(1): 69-78, 3pls. ]
Language: [ in Japanese ]
Abstract : The morphological characteristics of coffee-bean weevil, Araeocerus fasciculatus DEG. are described and illustrated.
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2057 Scarabs of Korea.
Author : Yano, S.
Year : 1916
Journal[VPN]: Zool. Magaz., Jap. [ 28(338): 514-515. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Korean and Manchurian Scarabaeidae by the literatures were discussed. The Korean species are G. sinuatus, S. sacer peregrinus and S. sisyphus.
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2056 Cantharidae und Malachiidae (Coleoptera) aus Korea.
Author : Whittmer, W.
Year : 1969
Journal[VPN]: Fragm. Faun. [ 15(9): 107-110. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : In this paper, 9 species of Canthariidae and 4 species of Malachiidae collected from North Korea are treated. Data for domestic localities and distributional ranges are also given for each species.
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2055 Results of the spelological survey in south Korea 1966 XVIII. Staphyinid beetles found in the limestone cave of south Korea.
Author : Watanabe, Y.
Year : 1969
Journal[VPN]: Bull. Nat. Sci. Mus. Tokyo [ 12(3): 623-631. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : A new species, Paraleaster coreana and a unrecorded species, Psephidonus lesteroides are reported. Other two species belonging to Psephidonus and Carpelimus are not determined.
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2054 Some cave dwelling trechids (Coleoptera) from south Korea.
Author : Ueno, S.I. & J. Namkung.
Year : 1968
Journal[VPN]: Bull. Nat. Sci. Mus. Tokyo [ 11(3): 245-262. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Trechine beetles are first reported from limestone caves in South Korea. Five specie sare dealt with in the present paper.
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2053 A new trechine beetle of the Epaphiopsis complex from Korea.
Author : Ueno, S.I.
Year : 1980
Journal[VPN]: Ann. Zool. Jap. [ 53(2): 140-146. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : A new species of Scotophilous trechine beetle belonging to a new genus, Ushyimaella gen. n., is described from Korea.
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2052 The trechid beetles of the Islands of Tsuchima.
Author : Ueno, S.I.
Year : 1969
Journal[VPN]: Mem. Nat. Sci. Mus. Tokyo [ 12(2): 57-72. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Three species, Perileptus japonicus Bates, Trechus ephippiatus Bates, and Coreoblemus parvicollis n. g. & n. sp., are distributed in Korea.
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2051 Insect pests of Korean pine trees.
Author : Ueki, S.
Year : 1911
Journal[VPN]: Bull, lap. For. [ 345: 17-24. ]
Language: [ in Japanese ]
Abstract : Four insect pests were recorded with characters of species, occurrence, and control methods. Hylesinus piniperda (=Tomicus piniperda), pine bark beetle, was recorded in Korea for the first time.
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2050 Longicorn beetles of along a railway lines of Keizan and Hakumo, North Korea.
Author : Uchida, H. & K. Kojima.
Year : 1944Q
Journal[VPN]: Natural Science and Museum [ 15(4): 2-10. ]
Language: [ in Japanese ]
Abstract : Fiftyeight species belonging to 34 genera are repdrted from Korea.
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2049 Carabiques nouveaux ou peu connus.
Author : Tschitscherine, T.
Year : 1897
Journal[VPN]: Abeille [ 29: 45-75. ]
Language: [ in French ]
Abstract : A species Psacotha hilaris was discussed on the historical review, diagnostic character, variation of the pattern on the elytra and the size of many organs.
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