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1523 Bombyces und Sphinges from Korea, III. (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae, Thyatiridae, Limacodidae, Sesiidae, Cossidae).
Author : Witt, T.
Year : 1985
Journal[VPN]: Fol. Ent. Hung. [ 44 (2): 195-210. ]
Language: [ in German ]
Abstract : This paper is the third in a series concerning with the Bombyces and Sphinges (sensu Seitz, Vol. II) collected in North Korea by the staff of the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest and covers the results of the 3rd expedition made by Dr. J. Papp and Dr A. Vojnits in 1975. 70 species of 5 families are dealt with.The following species are firstly recorded for the fauna of Korea: Mimopydna insignis (Leech, 1898), Peridea interrupta Kiriakoff, 1963 (the first record for China is dealt with, too), Ptilodon kuwayamae (Matsumura, 1919), Paranerice hoenei Kiriakoff, 1963 and Habrosyne intermedia (Bremer, 1864). The male of Allodonta plebeja (Oberthür, 1881) and the female of Paranerice hoenei Kiriakoff, 1963, both hitherto unknown, can be described as new to science. The following taxonomical changes are pointed out: Notodonta trachitso Oberthur, 1894 comb. rev. (ex genus Peridea Stephens, 1828 and genus Notodonta Ochsenheimer, 1810); Eguria ornata (Oberthur, 1884) = Rosama excellens Bryk, 1948 syn. nov.; Habrosyne aurorina (Butler, 1881) = Thyatira moellendorfi Fixsen, 1887 syn. nov.; Tethea or terrosa Graeser, 1888 stat. rest.= Cymatophora intermedia Houlbert, 1921 syn. nov. The taxa angustata Staudinger, 1885 and griseomacula Werny, 1966 are treated as subspecies of Tethea octogesima (Butler, 1878).
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