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2101 Systematic study of Andrenidae from Korea (Hym.; Apoidea) (On the three new species and one new subspecies).
Author : Kim, M.L. & C.H. Kim.
Year : 1989
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 19(3): 199-206. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : Twenty-eight species of Andrenidae were reported from Korea by present authors. Three new species Andrena (Andrena) kyusani n. sp., Andrena (Euandrena) plumosa n.sp., Andrena (plastandrena) magnipunctata n. sp. and one new subspecies Andrena (Simandrena) opac(fovea koreana n. subsp. are added to the Korean fauna, which are described and figured this paper. The type series will be deposited and figured in Entomological Instiute of Korean University.
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