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2102 Studies on Korean Chironomidae (Diptera) IV. A new species and two unrecorded species from Korea.
Author : Ree, H.I.
Year : 1989
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 19(3): 207-214. ]
Language: [ ]
Abstract : As part of taxonomic studies on Korean Chironomidae, the adult midges collected at Kwangnung forest and some preseeved specimens of the previous collections were slide-mounted for permanent preparation and identified. Two species, Paratendipes albimanus and Chironomus yoshimatsui are the first findings in Korea and one species, named Rheotanytarsus kwangnungensis n. sp. is found to be new. As a result, the Korean fauna of Chironomidae consists of 39 species, 23 genera.
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