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2107 Systematic Study of Ants from Chejudo Province
Author : Kim, B.J., K. Kim, & K.H. Lim.
Year : 1993
Journal[VPN]: Korean J. Entomol. [ 23(3): 117-141. ]
Language: [ in English ]
Abstract : Chejudo province is the largest island in Korea, which has Mt. Hanra, 1,950 m. Its weather is quite different from Korea peninsula, because it is located in the southern area and surrounded with sea. And so, it has subtropical, temperate and frigid forest, and diverse fauna of mammalia and some invertebrates. Systematic work of ants in this island had been carried during 1991 and 1992. Examining all the specimen collected from this island, thirty 38 species are confirmed under the steromicroscope, Wild M8. Among them 15 species are newly recorded. Accordingly the ant fauna of Chejudo province is 72 species of 33 genera under 4 subfamilies.
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